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Powering the EV Ecosystem™ (LinkedIn Post) 2-1

It takes a veteran to solve the EV charging dilemma.

The good news: You just have to say yes.

iON Dealer seeks to provide every VFW post across the country with a free DC-Fast charging station and the promise of future fundraising income.

By simply accepting this offer, your VFW post will receive:

  • Free level 3 charging station 

    That delivers 25+ chargers per day. A 5-minute charge powers 30 miles of range.

  • Free access to solar energy

    With a battery-powered backup generator for times of power outage.

  • A new stream of fundraising income

    With a percentage of all charging revenue going back to your VFW.

  • Dedicated employment opportunities

    With iON Dealer for local veterans in need of work.

Powering the EV Ecosystem™ (LinkedIn Post) 4
Powering the EV Ecosystem™ (LinkedIn Post) 2-1

Why is iON Dealer giving free DCFCs to VFWs?

For the last 100 years, auto dealers missed the opportunity to profit on the gasoline market. And, as the only auto-dealer owned EV charging network today, iON Dealer's mission is to deliver the energy needed to power America's EV fleet.

We have the stations. We just need convenient locations across the country to host level 3 chargers. This is where your VFW post comes in.

Secure these outstanding benefits for your VFW post, today.

When a Veteran Leads the Charge, Anything's Possible

Powering the EV Ecosystem™ (LinkedIn Post)

Jim Maxfield
CEO of iON Dealer

Jim Maxfield served honorably during the Persian Gulf War with Fast Sealift Squadron 1 as an engineering officer on the USNS Regulus and USNS Antares. Today, Jim is active with his local congressional Veteran's Affairs Committee and Service Academy Selection Committee. After departing the service, Jim embarked on a career providing technology solutions to retail car dealers, where he has excelled in corporate executive positions and start-up warrior roles. His last venture, Purple.Insurance, merged with SaltyDot in 2021, which has since been sold to CDK. Jim's discipline, gumption and leadership has served the military and retail automotive sectors well. iON Dealer was created to engage both his passions for the mutual benefit of all parties. Jim is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, a licensed private pilot and a married father of four.

Does the iON Station™ charge all makes and models?

Yes, however some older cars do not take DC-Fast (level 3) charges. In these situations, the consumer can opt to use the compatible level 2 charge.

What is the iON business model?

Auto dealers are iON Dealer's customers and business partners. By purchasing an iON Station™, auto dealers become part of the iON Network™ with the benefit of earning revenue from the sale of charges and additional F&I products.

What is iON IDEAS™?

iON Dealer Energy Access Software™ (iON IDEAS™) maximizes the amount of renewable energy used in a charging session - and communicates the source of energy back to the consumer via indicator lights on the Station.

Does the iON Station™ use proven technology?

Yes. iON Dealer's manufacturing partners are experts in battery-based/solar-augmented solutions with 10 years of experience and 100 uses in operation across North America, including: oil field service facilities, garbage trucks, city buses, municipal buildings, grocery stores, FL Hurricane Evacuation Corridor, and now dealers, etc.

How many solar panels are there?

Each iON Station™ requires a moderate amount of some solar panels, provided by iON Dealer. The panels easily fit on the roof of the VFW post, for example.

Who pays for the station?

The stations are sponsored by local auto dealers. The cost is $250,000 per station, however current tax write offs will likely make their investment zero. The exact amount varies by state. An auto dealer's deposit of $25,000 is made to satisfy the IRS Safe Harbor requirements and to address the initial tax paperwork, permits and compliance work. There is no limit to how many iON Stations a dealer can own.

How is an iON Station™ installed?

Unlike traditional charging stations, iON Stations™ are not "grid-direct," rather they sit inside the breaker box of its deployment site. They require no site construction or electrical grid updates. Therefore the nodes are easy to install. iON Dealer manages the entire installation process including management of local contractors and licensed electricians.

Have a few more questions?

Download our flyer to share with your post members and/or schedule a call with us to discuss this incredible opportunity.