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iON Dealer Achieves $6.41M in Q1’22 Pre-Orders; Seeks Funding for Production Management, Software Development & Accelerated Growth

Stamford, CT – On the heels of NADA 2022, it is clear iON Dealer’s efforts to decentralize the EV charging infrastructure is the right path forward for the growing size of the EV fleet. Making charging accessible in the hyperlocal communities where people spend 96% of their driving time offers a fresh and viable alternative to existing EV charging solutions. iON Dealer provides the only workable EV charging solution today for all potential EV owners, homeowners and apartment dwellers alike.


iON Dealer's Unique Offering

  • The only level 3 DC-fast charging solution for commercial applications and residential homes that can be deployed with no utility grid upgrades.
  • The only earth-first solution with a solar-augmented design.
  • The only solution to capitalize on existing tax credits to make station ownership a near no-risk venture.
  • The only solution with the capacity for nationwide coverage inside the communities and neighborhoods of suburban America and rural landscapes alike.
  • The only solution to effectively secure auto dealers’ relevance and profitability in the EV ecosystem for the long-haul, through unique F&I products and in-home level 3 DC-fast charging solutions.
  • The only solution that offers auto dealers equity in the iON Network to fuel adoption of the iON Network with car buyers; a far superior strategy than being simply a merchandiser of charging hardware.

Use Case

Dealerships are facing uncertainty in both timing and costs as they look to deploy EV charging solutions that serve the on-demand needs of the EV consumer.1 Prior to working with iON Dealer, Minchin Buick (Stamford, CT) ordered a level 3 DC-fast charger from another provider. Minchin waited 16 months without a delivery commitment, and was further stymied by the utility company’s inability to provide the required 400AMP services in a timely fashion with no known delivery date available.

iON Dealer’s solution enables Minchin to go live with a high-speed charging solution within a few months. In Q3’22, Minchin will become iON Dealer’s first dealership installation - and a clear case study for the 16,658 franchised car dealerships in America that are facing these same problems. 

Proof of Demand

Since arriving on the scene in January, ready to deploy, the iON Dealer team has been very busy - having secured $6.41 million in sales in Q’1/2022 thus far. These successes include:

  • Equipment production for initial dealer contracts slated for deployment in Q3’22
  • $341,000 in up-front, retained income  
  • $297,000 in earned income, post-installations
  • A strategic partnership with two factories in South America that will connect iON Dealer with 2,000 prospective dealers, and enable production of solar solutions for 40 dealerships across the country.

With demonstrable clarity of the iON Dealer business model and the validation of its sales plan from the perspective of the dealer, the OEM manufacturer, and the fuel companies who serve the local filling stations – the question is no longer whether iON Dealer will be successful – but how quickly iON Dealer will achieve its success.

To support operational expenses, iON Dealer is looking to raise $2.5 million in funding throughout 2022, which precedes the revenue earned post-production. 

Use of Funds

Funds raised will support the recruitment of employees whose focus will be to execute the following initiatives and sales efforts that continue in earnest:

  • Deployment of iON Nodes for contracted dealers
  • Development of iON Dealer Consumer Software 
  • Development of legal agreements and state tax documents
  • Generation of social media content, PR and outreach
  • Production support of iON Node & iON MicroNode
  • Demand generation for iON Node and iON MicroNode sales
  • Sales enablement expenses including marketing materials, travel and accommodations
  • Implementation of HubSpot CRM and marketing automation
  • Onboarding of call center for inbound and outbound efforts
  • Presence at two additional trade shows (May & October)

Revenue Model

iON Dealer generates revenue through:

  • Direct to consumer sales
  • Partner to consumer sales 
  • Commercial sales
  • Service contracts at point of sale
  • Service contracts post sale
  • Government clean energy initiatives
If you are interested in joining iON Dealer as an investment partner, please contact Jim Maxfield, co-founder and CEO, to review the company’s fundraising proposal and equity opportunities.

Jim Maxfield
Co-founder & CEO

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