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Vision Dealer Solutions Launches New Turnkey F&I Menu for EV Products

PRESS RELEASE – It is clear that the road to 100% EV adoption in the US has its challenges with consumer charging concerns being the leading roadblock. In addition, the market is about to face a new wave of challenges as the next generation of buyers emerge.

According to Automotive News, “New buyers are less engaged in the EV space and want answers to practical questions about home charging and tax credits, for instance. And they expect to get those answers from dealerships.”

With auto dealers on the frontline of EV sales in America, it’s imperative to create new ways for auto dealers to educate the consumers about EV ownership and earn scalable revenue in return. A shift of the entire automotive ecosystem is needed to support the growing demands of the consumer while sustaining the business demands of its key players.

In an effort to bridge the gap, Vision Dealer Solutions will launch the first web-based F&I software specific to EVs. The company will debut with iON Dealer as its featured charging solution with the following four product offerings:

  • The only level 3 charging solution for in-home use
  • Prepaid charging cards to use on the iON Network
  • Loyalty membership cards for discounted charges on the iON Network
  • EV roadside assistance packages

“Providing rich educational content to the consumer and new F&I revenue streams for the dealer is a critical next step in the adoption of EVs across the US,” says Steven Meeker, vice president of sales at Vision Dealer Solution. “Vision Dealer’s new EV menu will provide consumers with the educational content they need to make informed decisions, while simultaneously giving dealers the tools they need to grow their bottom line.”

Christian Salazar, iON Dealer chief operating officer, says, “The most lucrative F&I product for EV dealers will be the iON MicroNode - the only level 3 charger for in-home use on the market today that also doubles as a backup home generator. Dealers will earn $2,000 for every charger sold.”

With these new F&I products in their arsenal, automotive dealers will have the opportunity to double the revenue they typically earn from the sale of an electric vehicle. By learning how to charge and maintain their electric vehicles through the tool, consumers will be empowered to purchase - and dealers will be fairly compensated for their efforts.


About iON Dealer: iON Dealer seeks to make EV ownership possible for all consumers in the US, regardless of location, by deploying 35,000 high-speed chargers across rural and suburban America by the year 2028. The iON Dealer equipment is easy to install, requires no electrical grid updates, and provides the only level 3 charge for in-home use.